Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dead or on Holidays

Upperchurch is a small townland in North Tipp. It had a 94% turnout yesterday. Impressive stuff, I know. Tallymen assure me that the other 6% are "either dead or on holidays". At least we know where they are eh?

Meanwhile in Green Gogarty related news (remember him? Fuck you Deputy Stagg.... Hilarious). He's used Twitter to bow out. It's not even half frickin ten in the morning. He's already thrown in the towel... Where's the fightign spirit that had him spitting expletives at Emmet Stagg in the Dail? I'm a trifle disappointed.

Overall... with a 70% or so turnout, it's bad news for FF. Bertie must be cackling in his dark gothic mansion. They're facing a wipeout in Dublin according to tallies. Not a single Dublin TD for the party that's been our Government since the early nineties. But, it aint so hot for Fine Gael either. They're on track to fall way short of an overall majority. Prepare to shake hands with Comrade Tanaiste Gilmore, Inda.

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