Saturday, February 26, 2011


It's boring when you can see the future. I don't care what anyone says. You'd be bored out of your tits. If you had tits. If you didn't have tits, you'd have been bored out of your unneccassary nipples.

I'm referencing good old home town Limerick where there are three more seats to fill. Quota's 8,000 and something or other. Noonan's through, and Jan O'Sullivan, Willie O'Dea and Kieran O'Donnell have seven thousand something or other each. Everyone else in the list has peanuts. Only peanuts. Even if they could mash Cian Prendeville and Maurice Quinlavin into one (really weird looking) person, and combine them, they'd still not be close. This race is over folks.

Those mentioned above are in. Everyone else is out. This means, two Fine Gael, one Labour and one Fianna Fail. Who's the one? Only Willie O'Dea, who swears on his tash that it's daycent hash...

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