Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a hold up...

So, eh, how many election counts have you held up recently. 'Cause I just held up one all on my own. Yep. Ready to call out the final count in the North Tipperary elections... but wait... Dan's not ready. Stall the feckin' digger lads! Dan's not ready.

Alright it wasn't that dramatic, but they did stall the entire count on my behalf. Which was cool. It was so we could go live and broadcast the final election call of the day from Nenagh. Remember all the bitchy shit I said about RTE? I meant it all, but I lso now kind of love them. Go figure.

Kathleen from RTE television literally stalled for me to be ready, and the returning officer stalled because she didn't give the signal to say that I was ready and just in the nick of time... cut to North Tipp... Boom.

It was an important one to be fair. First time in the history of the state that Fianna Fail has been without a seat in North Tipperary. Anywhere in Tipperary for that matter. Sums up their day really.

Kind of sums up mine too. Day of ups and downs. More ups than downs. I'll tell you what. I'll sleep tonight. Final election result from North Tipp: Michael Lowry (Ind) - Elected. Noel Coonan (FG) - Elected. Alan Kelly (Lab) - Elected.

Maire Hoctor... eliminated. Lousy. She was nice.

Don't think I'm done blogging yet though. THere's still clean up to dodge.

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