Saturday, February 26, 2011

Final Tally... it's what you get before they actually start counting...

Tipp South, for those who truly care about the home of Bulmers...

Michael Browne SF - 5% (1835)
Tom Hayes FG - 22% (8523)
Seamus Healy IND - 22% (8467)
Dr Martin Mansergh FF - 13% (4929)
Mattie McGrath IND - 15% (5713)
Paul McNally GP - 1% (359)
Michael Murphy FG - 13% (4967)
Phil Prendergast Lab - 11% (4273)

That there's called a Final Tally... Oddly enough, it's only now that the votes are being counted. Up to now, it was all sorting...

And now for the moment of truth... the country's most popular politician last time out: Willie O'Dea TD. Will he steal the show all over again... here's Limerick's final tally.

Cahill, Sheila 1.1%
Kiely, Kevin 2.5%
Larkin, Matt 0.17%
Leddin, Joe 5.65%
Noonan, Michael 30.72%
O'Donoghue, Conor 0.44%
O'Dea Willie 16.04%
O'Donnell, Kieran 12.57%
O'Sullivan, Jan 16.67%
Power, Peter 5.38%
Prendiville, Cian 1.61%
Quinlivan, Maurice 8.75%
Riordan, Denis 0.4%

Not first, not second, third. He's been a good servant to Limerick has Willie, but this caning has been coming. Fine Gael stealing the show and we all wait for Michael Noonan to make some crazy analogy about how elections are like malteasers... Meanwhile Jan O'Sullivan is making the shifty eyes of someone who smells blood... Them Labour crowd love the colour red.

A nod to Cian Prendeville. You fought bravely. The Project salutes you...

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