Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spoiler Alert

In Dublin North Central the old countign has been suspended there for a little while so the returning officer can adjudicate on some spoiled votes. That always gives me a laugh: spoiled votes. They always had the best stuff, they were pampered and well looked after. They got massages whenever they wanted and they always had ice cream.

In reality spoiled votes are much more hilariously pointless. Here's an example of a stupid spoilt vote: Each and every one of the thirteen candidates in Limerick is marked correctly from one to thirteen. At the very bottom of the list is the friendly cab driver from the Christian Solidarity Party. Someone doesn't like him, so they draw a little goatie on him, because as everyone knows, goaties are the sign of someone being a dick. This vote doesn't count. All the candidates are clearly marked and the voters preference is easy to see, but you can't doodle on ballot paper so this one doesn't count.

Why even bother going to the polling station? Honestly?

So the returnign officer is now in a battle of wills with some politicians over whether or not avote counts as spoilt, since it's his or her discretion to decide if it is or not.

Kind of like being a referee; it's a horrible job, all you'll get is abuse and most people hate you when you're done.

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