Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Quota Still Hopa...

It doesn't even rhyme!! What the hell am I thinking. The auld brain is running on Lucozade and KitKat bars. Not healthy. Feeling a little crappy to be honest.

Speaking of crappy... The Greens still have no seats. Me and my housemates have won the same number of seats in the new Dail as the Green Party.

Speakign of crappy, again, Brian Lenihan, the old boss of the purse strings, he's just been elected. Without a quota. Basically that means that he's craptacular and not all that awesome. He's the second FF TD. One of them was given a free pass for being Ceann Comhairle, which makes Lenihan the first FF TD that was actually elected by the people. It makes me grin one of them evil grins that makes the other people in the press room in North Tipp edge away from me nervously.

Speaking of nervously...

Fergus O'Dowd has been elected in Louth.

Speaking of Louth. I dislike it.

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